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TeamREC Scholarship

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TeamREC Scholarship

About TeamREC

Student employees are empowered to manage the programs of ChargerREC and the operations of the Beckerman Recreation Center. Our student employee team is collectively known as TeamREC. Each year 125+ students are employed as part of TeamREC.


TeamREC Scholarship

Established in 2010, the purpose of the TeamREC Scholarship is to recognize a deserving member of TeamREC with a $500 scholarship towards their continued education at the University of New Haven. Over the past eight years we have awarded $6,500 in scholarships. Each year we provide at least one and in some years, two scholarships. Your support will help us ensure we can provide multiple scholarships this coming spring. 


Scholarship Impact

"I joined TeamREC at the beginning of my sophomore year, and to me, being apart of TeamREC is like being apart of a family. Now I am a senior and looking back, this job has brought me so many great memories and friendships that I know will last long after graduation. I am so grateful for this scholarship as it helped me pay for my many required textbooks and laboratory fees throughout my time here."

- Kristen Luise, Class of 2018, Building Supervisor  




"Being a member of TeamREC means being a part of a group of individuals aiming to embody and carry out the core values of ChargerREC and the University of New Haven. Through TeamREC’s implementation of the University’s Competency Learning Experience Program, I have been able to expand upon my Leadership, Teamwork, and Critical Thinking skills, which act as valuable assets in the classroom and workplace. The TeamREC Scholarship currently enables me to be enrolled in a top tier Undergraduate Forensic Science Program. The connections I have formed at the University and within ChargerREC have helped me secure internships with federal police agencies as well as open new doors, such as graduate school, after my graduation from the University of New Haven in the Spring of 2019."

- Kyle Lipka, Class of 2019, Building Supervisor


"TeamREC was an important part of my college experience that helped me become a leader and gain confidence when making decisions. The TeamREC atmosphere is conducive for learning how to operate in a professional work environment, while maintaining the leniency to allow you to learn from your mistakes. TeamREC is supportive of all professional goals, whether it be providing career advice or teaching resume and interview techniques. With their assistance, I was able to dominate the interview process and land a position with my dream team!" 

- Elizabeth Rowan, Class of 2015 & 2017



"Being apart of TeamREC was an absolutely extraordinary experience. I not only grew professionally, but I met some great friends through Charger REC that I still keep in touch with to this day. I always have had a passion for fitness and started at TeamREC as a personal trainer and fitness attendant. Over the years since graduating I've been able to grow my career to the point where I was running my own Equinox as General Manager, but ultimately had a hard time giving up working with trainers full time which has led me to my current role as Fitness Manager overseeing 40+ trainers. The TeamREC scholarship was instrumental in helping pay for my Strength and Conditioning certification, which took my career to the next level from training everyday clients to the ability to train college/professional athletes.  I cannot thank TeamREC enough for the wonderful memories and developing me as a professional!"

- Joe Natale, Class of 2014, Currently employed by Equinox NYC



Previous Award Winners:

  • 2010 - Lauren Havrilla 

  • 2011 - Kaitlyn Johnson

  • 2012 - Dominique Stasulli 

  • 2013 - Joseph Natale  

  • 2014 - Ashley Windward 

  • 2014 - Elizabeth Rowan 

  • 2015 - Paula Aulestia 

  • 2015 - Ian Jones 

  • 2016 - Jordan Hosey

  • 2016 - Yanhire Sierra-Lavalle 

  • 2017 - Kristen Luise 

  • 2017 - Ronae Foxworth

  • 2018 - Kyle Lipka

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Student Employees

Over the past 10 years, 600+ students have been employed by ChargerREC.


Hours of Operation

During the academic year, the Beckerman Recreation Center is open 108 hours/week. In those hours TeamREC members serve in a variety of positions which keep our facility and programs running.


Beckerman Opening

The Beckerman Recreation Center officially opened on February 11, 2008.


Key #27BM

Each day supervisors unlock doors, retrieve equipment, move tables/chairs, complete rounds, and assist members. All this is done while holding a large key ring which includes the Building Master Key, #27BM. This key ring changes hands at each shift change and is passed down year to year, supervisor to supervisor.


Shift Coverage

TeamREC members always have each other's backs. We swap, cover, and pick up shifts for each other every day. When a friend asks for help to cover a shift because they can use a few extra hours for studying we're willing to help out.


Tarping the Courts

A right of passage for TeamREC members is tarping and untarping the courts. Though it's not the most glamours job in the department, it's a shared misery we all have in common. For every donation at this level, Ryan Hagen will personally take a tarping shift this coming year.


Full TeamREC Scholarship

A $500 donation will award one full scholarship to a deserving member of TeamREC.